Facade Retention

City Demolition are fully versed in the complex field of Facade Retention. We have developed our capabilities to provide façade retention and temporary propping services within all demolition contract packages. Complete removal of internals which involves extreme precision, and close monitoring of the Retained Facade.

The expert handling of façade retention and façade removal methodology is particularly important when dealing with all historical buildings also other listed and protected structures keeping the buildings character intact. This type of services typically also involves temporary weather proofing or underpinning structures on a temporary basis in which City Demolition can design bespoke support systems to ensure that structural integrity is maintained and the fabric of historically significant buildings is preserved we work closely with our structural engineer for all designs and support works to come to the best resolution for your project.

  • Façade retention/removal service
  • Design and installation of temporary works
  • Underpinning
  • Temporary weather proofing