Mobile Crushing/Recycle Waste

Once the demolition of the buildings structures has been achieved we can process the brick/concrete materials from within the buildings
structures/ground floor slabs and foundations and produce a certificated class of materials ranging from Type 1, Type 2, 6F1, 6F2, 6F3.

This can be achieved from large to small contracts by either importing to site various size crushing machines to make the project more cost effective and more beneficial for our individual client’s requirements. In achieving this operation this minimises the requirement for transporting materials offsite to various recycling centres.

This intern minimises the environmental impacts on the surrounding residential/commercial areas and reduces our carbon emissions. As a company we strive to achieve a recycling percentage of 95% which all material is segregated and transported to local recycling centres in order to comply with our environmental policies and in particular our sustainability policy which can be issued on request which covers:

  • Control of waste hierarchy
  • Noise
  • Air pollution
  • Water
  • Use of energy
  • Paper
  • Natural environments.