Client Liaison.

City Demolition supports a number of its private clients in providing them with confidential feasibility studies for all demolition projects in the very early stages nationwide. These studies tend to be carried out when the project is specifically complex or large and there is doubt that this proposed development can be undertaken.

The main purpose of our feasibility studies is to establish whether the project is viable and if any conditions need to be met before further investments are made. This allows us to assess the project in-depth for all possible complications that could effect the project when it comes to actually carrying this out. All studies are carried in conjunction with our relationships with building control, local planning authorities and statutory service providers in gaining further information about the site and any restrictions, possible road closures required, access problems and main buildings condition & size.

We provide budget intrusive costs to actual carry out the works required by the client on a nationwide basis from minor adjustments to full structural demolition. We liaise with our client to understand exactly what they are trying to achieve and identify the best available options and possible risks.


Feasibility Services Include:

  • Full Intrusive Site visits
  • Specifications review
  • Permits and licenses review
  • Access/egress
  • Land Appraisals
  • Site Safety Auditing
  • Budget Quotations
  • Remediation Strategy Review
  • Prior Approval Notification
  • Demolition Cost Appraisal
  • Client Requirements
  • Client Planning Certificates


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We liaise with our client to understand exactly what they are trying to achieve.

– City Demolition, Managing Director